There are only a few steps that need to be completed to use the site successfully. 
  1. Purchase a license for one or more people. 
    • You can always get more licenses later if you are not sure how many you want or need. 
    • Once you have purchased, your home page will change from a marketing page to an administrator page with options to manage employees and licenses.

  2. Register employees by clicking on the link to Add/Remove Employees. 
    • Follow instructions to add; you only need the employee’s name and email address. 
    • Newly registered employees will be sent an email with a temporary password.
    • You can always add and remove employees later.

  3. Manage your licenses and your employees; click on the link for Employee Licensing
    • The screen will display the number of licenses that you have purchased, the number of registered employees, and the number of licensed employees that you have activated. 
    • Yes, you can add any number of employees and then select only those who should be licensed right now.  Later, you might switch the licensing from one employee to another.

  4. Activate employees by assigning a license to each. 
    • In Employee Licensing, click on Manage in the Employees box.  A list of all registered employees will be displayed along with the status. 
    • To activate the employee as licensed to use the service, click on the empty status box.  Status will change to “Licensed”.
    • To inactivate the employee, click on the filled in status box.  Status will change to “Unlicensed”.  Note: to inactivate any employee, that employee must have been inactive on the site for one week.
    • To remove the employee from the account permanently, click on the X.  A warning will be displayed before the employee is actually removed.

  5. All licensed employees have immediate access to all video courses on the site. 
    • Each licensed employee can use any device to search for relevant training and take the course.  One should find the course, add the course to their “Your Courses” list, and take the course. 
    • You can also assign courses to employees. 

  6. Create reports of usage by employee or course.  See the View Reports link on the administrator’s home page.