Designed for young employees and team members aged 16 - 24 years on the how to's of delivering outstanding customer service to the people they serve.

Over the last few years we have discovered a disconnect in the way young employees have learned how to provide the kind of service their customers really need and want. Additionally, technology and modern times have led to making it harder and harder to find and hire young employees who come with these specialized personal skill sets and are able to deliver high quality customer service.

  • Especially useful if you frequently hire new employees due to seasonal demands or because of a high turnover rate.
  • It will shorten the time and the cost of retraining new employees on the basics of customer service.
  • The program can be completed by the employee in approximately one hour - so it saves you time by allowing your employees to use their time effectively and efficiently.

Through the use of examples demonstrating the wrong way and the right way to give high quality and truly outstanding customer service, your employees and team members will learn the best way to deliver the kind of service that will produce loyal and life time customers.

To provide for maximum learning for your employees this program is divided into 10 convenient lessons that address specific areas of customer interaction. See the Chapters tab for access to individual lessons:
  1. Greeting Customers in a Friendly Manner with a Smile and Eye Contact
  2. Providing Prompt, Friendly Service
  3. Focusing on the Customer
  4. Using the Customer's Name
  5. Using the Words "Please" and "Thank You"
  6. Helping the Customer Find What They Need and Want
  7. How to Respond to a Customer's Suggestion
  8. How to Respond When You Don't Have What the Customer Wants
  9. Complementing the Customer's Purchase
  10. How to Handle the Customer at Closing Time

Includes a manager's guide and a employee workbook.
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Jan 1, 2014
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