Powerful Lessons on Leadership, Teamwork, Victory and Growth from Under Armour

How do you grow 20% a year with no end in site?

No champion reaches victory without first having fallen, countless times. True champions are those who have failed before but found failure empowering.

They don't go home? They go back to practice; renewed by their failure, strengthened by their struggle. For it is in the choices we make in defeat, that world champions still see the next level and reach for their destiny.

With more than 20% growth every year for the past eight years, Under Armour has shown that its vision to be "the next great brand" works. Every goal is achieved as team members, management, and leadership move the company forward driven by one overriding philosophy:

Great Product. Great Story. Great Service. Great Team.

WE WILL is a program and tool to help you motivate and lead people toward an environment of passion, loyalty, collaboration, communication and trust. Join us in this highly motivating exploration of what it takes to be high growth and winning: No Loser Talk, Lean In, We Will, and Push.

New Release! Kevin Plank Video/Under Armour Film

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Managing teams
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Aug 1, 2013
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